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Hello Friends,
I am Jayant Kumar (That’s my official name). Though, people call me “Jackie” or “Jack”. The website got its name from there. Blogging is my hobby so I started writing posts about my passions i.e. PC games. I know, many people face problems in installing the game on the system or running the games once successfully installed (most of the games keeps on hanging, crashing etc.), keeps battling with the performance and fps (not everyone has a high-end system specs :)) or merely stuck in the game at some points where they feel they should quit. I want to help all those gamers and Windows users (of course PC games are nothing without Windows) by writing helpful content which might help people, solving their problems and making the game play more fun. Some side topics also covers fixes for problems related to Web world or anything that may help people all around the world (Tech.topics only)

I don’t write on a daily basis and neither I am a professional writer/blogger. My posts may contain grammatical errors. I am a graduate in technology. I have done my engineering in core Electrical . Currently, I am doing full-time job as Executive Engineer in Power sector. For my hobbies and passions, I have to find out time. Regarding hobbies, I have a list here. I love playing PC games (never tried consoles), playing Piano, reading novels, writing blogs, programming mainly web designing, Maya modelling, Drawing and Listening hip hop.

Last time i tried the above things on one of my blog (will not mention due to competition in coming years) and it was a great success (monthly views touched nearly 100,000) until it was hacked by competitors and many malware and redirects were planted on it and unfortunately, it was penalized by Google (very sad for me :(). After a break of almost 3 years, here i am. Hope this time i would be successful in helping out all those who seek help.

On this website, you can find articles about:

Game: Installation solutions
Game: Performance solutions
Game: Errors and troubleshooting
Game: Tweaks
Game: How to
Windows: Performance
Windows: Errors and troubleshooting
Windows: How to
Web, Mobiles and other general technical topics.

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