Amnesia A machine for pigs Stopped working, crashing, failed to load

“Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” is the second game in the series named “Amnesia” though the game is not the direct sequel to the previous installation “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. It comes under “survival horror first-person” genre. The game was developed by “The Chinese Room” and produced and published by “Frictional Games”. It was released worldwide on 10 September 2013.

Amnesia A machine for pigs Stopped working


Amnesia A machine for pigs stopped working !!


While playing or installing “Amnesia: A machine for pigs″, the gamers may face some crashing issues with an error message: Amnesia A machine for pigs stopped working. If the game doesn’t launch, stops working, crashes to desktop, crashes at main menu or while in between playing etc. then you may find your solutions in this article.


First Check:


Make sure your system passes the minimum requirements of the game. Visit the link given below to check out the minimum as well as recommended system requirements for the game.

Amnesia a machine for pigs system requirements


If you have passed the above check, i would like to recommend you to go through the link below which mentions basic solutions. You can resolve most of the issues related to crashing of the game using general fixes.

General Solution for Amnesia A machine for pigs


If your game is still crashing, lets go through possible fixes of Amnesia A machine for pigs stopped working /crashing and failed loading issues in detail:


Amnesia A machine for pigs stopped working /crashing


If you are facing the any of the below mentioned issues while launching or playing the game like:


  • The game crashes with a message “Amnesia A machine for pigs stopped working” after launching or in game.
  • The game crashes during loading, main menu or playing.
  • Game crashes while switching to other window or exiting the game. Keeps on showing the message “preparing to launch”.


You should go through this section to resolve the problem:


1) Patch:

Try updating the game with the latest patch. It automatically solve many issues related to the game.


2) Gamepads

If you are using a game-pad to play the PC version of the game, then the game may crash. So, to correct this problem, disconnect the game-pad or any other accessory before launching the game.


After the game successfully starts, you may try connecting the game-pads and check if you are able to play the game without the crashing problem.


3) Configuration File:

Try deleting the configuration file of the game.


Go to the location : “C:\Users\Username\My Documents\Amnesia\Pigs”


Delete everything in the folder but make sure you make a backup of the file before deleting it. Although, the file is created automatically when you launch the game next time but it is good to have backup files.


4) Magic:

After launching the game, do not press any key on the keyboard or mouse button until the game reaches the main menu. This trick has sorted out the crashing at start for many gamers.


5) Tweaking:

Try lowering down the graphic settings from the graphic card control panel as well as  in-game graphic settings including Anti-aliasing, Anisotropy, Motion blur and various other settings that are resource consuming.


Also try Enabling/disabling Vsync. Lower down the resolution to the one matching to the native resolution of your desktop.


6)  Deletion:

Go to the game directory and delete these files:




Steam Version:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia A machine for pigs”


Retail Version:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Frictional Games\Amnesia A machine for pigs”


After that, launch the game and check if the game is working fine.


7) Windows Update:

Try fully updating the windows. If there are any pending updates which requires a reboot for their completion, restart the system.


8) Cloud Save:

Try disabling the cloud save feature. It may help in fixing the issue.


9) Corrupt files:

The game may crash because of the corrupt save game files. If your save game files have become corrupt somehow, then the only way to resolve this issue is by deleting them (Make a backup first).


Go to the location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\userdata\userID\239200″


You may find the save games here. If you have progressed in the game quite further, then you may ask for the save games on the official or popular forums.


10) Steam community in-game:

Try disabling Steam community in-game


  • Right-click the “.exe” file of the game in the Steam and click “Properties” or go to the settings of the steam.
  • Uncheck the check box “Enable Steam Community In-Game”.
  • Now, check if this has fixed the problem.


11) Restart:

If your game is crashing, close the game as well as steam. Restart the system and then run the steam client again.


12) CPU Cores:

You may also try disabling the CPU (cores), if your system is a multicore one (quad-core or dual-core). Make sure you disable all the CPU except CPU0 and CPU1. Click the link below to know how to disable cores/CPU.

Disable CPU cores on multicore processor


13) Windowed Mode:

Try playing the game in Windowed mode. Press “ALT+Enter” in the game to switch to windowed mode. If that doesn’t work, try this:


For Steam version:


  • Open the Steam library and right-click “Amnesia: A machine for pigs″.
  • Select “Properties” from the menu.
  • Switch to “Set Launch Options”
  • Add “ –windowed” so that it would look something like this:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia: A machine for pigs\aamfp.exe” –windowed.
  • Press “Ok” and try launching the game.


14) Dual GPUs:

If you have dual graphic cards on your system then you need to switch to high performance graphic card.


Generally, the other graphic card is on-board Intel card which is not officially supported by the game.


For Nvidia graphic cards, Choose High performance Nvidia processor as given below:


  • Open “Nvidia control panel” from the notification area or control panel.
  • In the left pane of the window, expand “3D settings”.
  • Click “Manage 3D settings” in the left pane of the window.
  • In the right pane, switch to “Program settings” tab next to “global settings”.
  • Click “Add” and browse to the location of the “. exe” file of the game. Click “Add selected Programs”
  • Next to it is the choice of the preferred graphic processor. From the drop down menu, select “High Performance Nvidia processor” and click “Apply”.
  • Now, try running the game.


The similar process would be for AMD graphic cards.


15) Microsoft visual C++:

If you are playing on a 64 bit operating system, then also you need to install the Microsoft visual C++ (x86) versions on your system. That would help in fixing the crashing issues.

Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables


16) Third Party Software:

If you are using any third party software or tools like game booster to improve the performance, then they may cause a crashing problem in the game. So, close them before launching the game.


Hope the mentioned solutions works for you.


Please leave a comment if the solution has worked for you in fixing Amnesia A machine for pigs Stopped working, crashing, failed to load issue. For more solutions to the games, visit Home Page


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