Doom 2016 corrupt auto save game file – Fix

Doom 2016 is the fourth title in the main series of “Doom”. It falls under first-person shooter video game genre. The game is developed by ID Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released worldwide on Microsoft Windows in May 2016.

Doom 2016 corrupt auto save game file

Doom 2016 corrupt auto-save game file


I remember playing the game last time without any issues and I quit the game successfully. Now, on the very next day after all the works, i decided to pick up from where i left off. So, i restarted the game. Yayy… everything loaded fine up to the main screen. As soon as i clicked continue game, it brought me to the slots of saved games. As the game was auto saving, i clicked the auto-save game file which contained my overall progress in the game.

“Save game file Corrupt”


It was a heart attack type situation. I realized i have lost all the progress made so far. Then, i asked God (Google) 😀 and it showed me a way after digging various forums and discussions.

Doom 2016 corrupt auto-save game file – Fix

I remembered experimenting with codes in developer mode of the game last time i played it. So, the trick i have mentioned here, worked for me.


Well, if you also have accidentally or deliberately used developer mode for entering codes to play the game, this solution is for you too or else all you would lose all your progress and you might have to start the game afresh.


Well, let’s skip that situation for some other day 🙂

To fix the issue of Doom 2016 corrupt auto save game file, get back to the main menu of the game if you haven’t quit it yet. Press “~” key on the keyboard. It will open the in-game console which would enable you to enter the developer mode in the game.


Enter the command “devMode_enable 1” to enable the developer mode of the game.


Now, click “Continue game” and try loading the auto-saved game again. This time it will load successfully.

To disable the developer mode, just enter “devMode_enable 0”. However, it will disable automatically as soon as  you exit the game.

Remember, you will have to do this step every time you play the game.

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