Need for Speed Payback Stopped Working – Crashing – Failed to Load

“Need for Speed – Payback” is a racing game and is the twenty-third installment in the “Need for Speed” series. It is developed by “Ghost Games” and published by “Electronic Arts”. The game was released worldwide on November 10, 2017 for Microsoft Windows.


Need for Speed Payback Stopped Working

Need for Speed Payback Stopped Working!!


While playing or installing “Need for Speed Payback″, the gamers may face crashing issues with an error message: Need for Speed Payback stopped working. If the game doesn’t launch, stops working, crashes to desktop, crashes at main menu or while in between playing etc. then you may find your solutions in this article.


First Check:


Make sure your system passes the minimum requirements of the game. Visit the link given below to check out the minimum as well as recommended system requirements for the game.

Need for Speed Payback System Requirements


If you have passed the above check, i would like to recommend you to go through the link below which mentions basic solutions. You can resolve most of the issues related to crashing of the game using general fixes.

General Solution for Need for Speed Payback


If your game is still crashing, lets go through possible fixes of Need for Speed Payback stopped working /crashing and failed loading issues in detail:


Need for Speed Payback stopped working /crashes to desktop


If you are facing the any of the below mentioned issues while launching or playing the game like:

  • The game crashes with a message “Need for Speed Payback stopped working” after launching or in game.
  • The game crashes during loading, main menu or playing.
  • Game crashes while switching to other window or exiting the game. Keeps on showing the message “preparing to launch”.

You should go through this section to resolve the problem:


1) Direct X issue:

If Direct X 12 is installed on your system, try running the game on Direct X 11 as Need for Speed Payback is not compatible with Direct X 12.


2) Software Conflict:

If you have software like Dxtory, FRAPS etc. installed on your system, try uninstalling them. The interference of the game with these software may cause crashing. This solution was mentioned on EA forums.


3) Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables

Try installing correct version of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables compatible with the architecture of your system. To download, visit the link below:

Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables


4) Origin problem:

Reinstalling Origin client may fix the issue as suggested by some gamers. For that:


  • Uninstall the “Origin” from your system.
  • Download the “Origin” Client from Origin site,
  • Install the client as administrator


For detailed steps on how to uninstall Origin completely, i recommend you to visit the link below:

Need for Speed payback- All about Origin


5) Origin in-game overlay:

Try disabling Origin in-game overlay. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Open “Origin” client
  • Click on “Origin” tab on top left corner of window.
  • Select “Application Settings” from the menu. “Setting” window will open.
  • Now, Click “more” then click “Origin in game”
  • Slide the slider  against “Enable Origin in game” to disable Origin in game.


6) Patch:

Try downloading and installing the latest official patch available to resolve the crashing issues.


7) Graphic card

Make sure yo run the game on the high performance graphic card (Nvidia, AMD etc.) if your system has dual graphic cards.


8) Antivirus, Firewall and VPN

Try disabling the Antivirus software installed on your system. Also, disable the firewall before launching the game.


If you are using VPN service, try switching VPN app. Some VPN apps are not just compatible with the game. Also, use the server of USA in the VPN app.


9) SLI/Crossfire:

Disable SLI/Crossfire for Nvidia/AMD cards if using. It may help in fixing the crashing issue in the game.


10) Cloud save:

Try turning off the cloud save feature in the game using Origin client. For that,

  • Open “Origin” client
  • Click on “Origin” tab on top left corner of window.
  • Select “Application Settings” from the menu. “Setting” window will open.
  • Now, Click “install and saves”.
  • Slide the slider  against “Saves” under Cloud Storage to disable cloud saving.


11) Overclock:

If your Graphic card is overclocked, try re-setting it to the “factory settings”. GPU Overclocking can enhance the performance of the game to some extent but in case of crashing or freezing of the game it must be disabled.


Please leave a comment if the solution has worked for you in fixing Need for Speed Payback Stopped Working, crashing or failed loading issue. For more solutions to the games, visit Home Page


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